Frequently Asked Questions

What would be the benefit in hiring you?

I have years of strategic and commercial management experience resulting in significant business growth and value creation. I have achieved this through my analytical skills in which I apply a holistic approach to examine identified problems, its underlying variables and solutions for effective interpretation, guidance and execution. This, in combination with my experience and background will always lead to better insights, decisions and results.

Who could hire you?

I have experience with various industries. I have dealt with family businesses, small and medium sized companies as well as multinationals. I grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. My background, skills and experience could be of value to any organization independent of its size or business magnitude.

Would you be able to offer online support?

Yes, that is possible. I am used to remote work associated with global responsibilities and managing multi-cultural and multi-disciplined teams.

What would be your work area?

I have always had an international focus. I have experience with many countries, cultures and businesses. Although I have my base in the Netherlands, I am available for cross border assignments.

Are you familiar with the latest management models?

Yes I am familiar with management models in general as I believe that these could help to collect and structure information and processes. From there interpreting the information in the right way is key and the basis for setting the appropriate strategy.

What are the main successes you have achieved so far in your career?

Click  here to find a list of qualifications that provide a good reflection of my track record and experience. Also my LinkedIn profile provides more detail about my background and experience.

Which industries would you be able to represent?

My expertise is related to B2B sales in various industries such as fruit, packaging, petrochemicals and glassfiber. Nevertheless, what I have learned over the years is that irrespective of the industry, customers or business magnitude the process needed for commercial success is not much different from one another. In this respect there are no limitations to specific industries.

Could we download your resume?

Yes, visit my LinkedIn profile for more detail about my background and experience.

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