A perfect journey only exists, 
    when all variables are 
        rightly interpreted 
            and utilized.
             - Simon Bos


I provide interim and consultancy support in three areas:

Strategic Analysis
Commercial Leadership
Strategic Account Management

Each area has its own characteristics and together they form an effective package in driving business growth and value creation.

Strategic Analysis

Strategic Analysis provides visibility on strategies to pursue, growth options to explore and industry challenges to consider. It involves an analysis of a company's internal and external environment and its ability to meet strategic objectives. Whether you would determine a new or revised strategy for your business or whether you would assess the effectiveness of your current strategy, I can support you with a profound analysis that would ultimately lead to better insights, decisions and results.

Commercial Leadership

The disciplines below reflect my experience as well as the services I could provide. 

  • Growth Management - I have achieved significant business growth in various industries. 
    Results: 10%-35% CAGR in volumes and revenues, thereby significantly outperforming the market.
  • Negotiation - I have led and executed negotiations with diverse counterparts in various industries ranging up to USD 200 million in contract value. 
    Results: significant growth, strong long term commitments and value creation.
  • (Remote) Leadership - I have led multi-cultural -and disciplined teams in a diverse regional and global environment. This includes solid and dotted line reporting. 
    Results: strong well connected teams, clear structure and alignment on strategies and communication, one voice to customers globally, strong multicultural relationships, successful in remote work and remote management.
  • Commercial Excellence - I have led and executed on go-to-market strategies, segmentations, value added projects on packaging, supply chain and finance. 
    Results: improved value propositions, improved NPS, better insights on customer needs and requirements.
  • Financial Risk Management - I have strong financial acumen with knowledge and experience on financial indicators and concepts. 
    Results: clear financial risks assessments, managing/avoiding bad debts, factoring.
  • Communication - Strong at communicating with clarity and diplomacy to individuals from diverse cultural and organizational backgrounds. 
    Results: succesful development and execution of global account strategies and projects with assigned key account management teams (>10 FTE), strong multicultural relationships with stakeholders at different organizational levels from business owners, to line managers, senior management and C-level executives.

Strategic Account Management

  • SAM ModelI have designed and implemented a global Strategic Account Management Model with focus on four pillars: account analysis, strategy formulation, negotiation and execution.
  • Training – I have trained and coached regional sales teams in Europe, China, Korea, Japan and Russia in strategic account management and acccount analysis.
    Results: Stronger focus and preparations, better insights on customer needs and requirements, improved and quicker alignment with internal stakeholders.

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